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Thursday, April 23, 2009

VS 2008 Templates for Composite Application Guidance (Prism v2)

Most of the credit for this post goes truly to Knom who created the initial versions of Visual studio templates. I have been using them for a while, though I always felt that it is broken or incomplete, so here is the newer version.


The revisions in this modification are
a) The new version works only with February 2009 Composite Application Guidance. It refers to the IModuleCatalog introduced in this release.
b)The references like Microsoft.Practices.composite broken in the previous release are fixed now!
c) The new dlls like Microsoft.Practices.composite.presentation.dll are referred instead of Microsoft.Practices.composite.wpf.dll
d) Namespaces in view and presentation models are fixed in this release.
e) every module can have its own name and the same with ModuleController.
f) Unnecessary imports have been removed.
g) Slicker interface.

If you like this, please goto knom's page and contribute. I dont need any! (may be a comment if it is useful to you !) You can completely write a Prism application in less than ten minutes using this application.


a) If you have not installed Composite Application Guidance, install it here.

b) Download the Visual studio templates for composite application Binaries here.

c) Unzip this and you will find three files.
* install.bat does all the work to setup the templates (run the .VSI and add the .DLL to the global assembly cache)
* CompositeTemplateWizards.dll contains the Wizards used from the project templates. This assembly must be installed into the GAC.
* Templates.vsi is VSI installer package with all the templates (need the wizard assembly in the GAC).

d) Run the install.bat

If you are upgrading from knoms templates then just follow the same instructions and when installing, it would ask you for a over ride. Do override the old files!

Trouble shooting Notes
a) If you have more than two versions of Visual studio you might not be able to see these templates when you click "new project". In that case

Goto Programs> Microsoft VS 2008> Visual studio tools \ Visual studio 2008 command prompt

In here change your directory to the base directory where you have the install, run the following command.

gacutil.exe -i CompositeTemplateWizards.dll

Restart vs 2008 and things should start working

b) After installing the "composite application guidance 2.0" Visual studio 2008 templates, as a one time activity create a libraries folder with following libraries.

This folder will be useful in creating the Prism apps.

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